CHAPTER ONE: Introduction

         Psionics is the ability to harness and use the power of the mind. Psionics can be used in all three game settings, but are used most frequently in horror world and Sci-Fi settings.
          Psionic points are the raw, natural psychic energy of an individual or creature. The number of psionic points of an individual or creature is equal to his psionic potential score. This score is his base amount of psi points. Depending on the character’s class, he may or may not be able to add his Intelligence score to his base psi point amount at level one. Psi points are consumed when a psionic power is used. These points will be recovered after eight hours of total rest (sleep). If the character gets only four hours of rest, he will get one half of his psi points back; two hours of rest will recover one quarter of his used psi points. Any less than two hours of rest and the individual will not be able to recover any psi points.
          Characters acquire new psionic powers as per their character class. The psionic can use as many powers as he has per melee round provided he has the psionic points and the number of attacks to use them. Each power is considered one attack. For example, if the psionic has two attacks per melee round, he can use up to two psi powers that melee round provided he has the psi points to use the powers. The psionic uses the long melee round to conduct attacks just as the magic user and priest. This is because it takes time - about five seconds - for the psioic to draw upon his psionic power. The psionic cannot perform any other actions during this time because he must concentrate to summon and send forth the psionic energy.
          There are five disciplines, or schools, of psionics. They are Electrokinetic, Empathic, Hydrokinetic, Pyrokinetic, and Telekinetic. The class of the character determines what discipline, or disciplines, the psionic can study and use powers from.
          Listed below are the psionic powers organized alphabetically by discipline. Each power is classified by type as either defensive, offensive, or other. Standard saving throws are vs. psionics.