CHAPTER ONE: Introduction

The Stygain ConspiracyTM is NOT a work of "standard" contemporary Science Fiction. Instead, the Stygian Conspiracy was inspired by both classic Science Fiction of the early 20th Century, and the great books of western civilization. This sets it apart from most other current science fiction in that The Stygian Conspiracy seeks to break all of the "taboos" of conventional modern SF and push the boundaries of what is considered "acceptable."
       The story of Nexus Arcana The Stygian ConspiracyTM, begins with the major cultures of mankind fighting petty wars over their small niche in the Milky Way. Armed with vast space fleets and giant battle robots; villians, heros, and adventurers all struggle to unravel the truth about the fate of the aliens whose derilict fleets and ruins litter the local group of star systems around Sol. As the major powers leave the cradle of the Earth’s star system to colonize new worlds, the hopes and dreams of all mankind leave with them.
       The D30 Supplement for The Stygian Conspiracy deals only with the "SUPERNOVA" setting, which is basically the science fiction arc of the Nexus Arcana multiverse. Two other multiverse arcs exist, the "DonjonQuest" sword and sorcery arc, and the "Forbidden" tales of gothic horror arc. These arcs will be covered in future supplements to the Nexus Arcana D30 Role Playing Game Multiverse.