The stage in which the Stygian Conspiracy is set is that of the First Interplanetary War era. This conflict stretched over much of the inner sphere of the Solar System during mankind's first steps into the cosmos via interplanetary space travel. The above system map details the nine celestial bodies where the major operations of the war took place, and thus where the major battles were fought. Each of the blue rings on the map indicate the distance in Astronomical Units (1 AU equals approximately 93,000,000 miles) of the various bodies from the Sun. Distances between the planets and planetoids vary during the year due to the different rotations of the celestial bodies around the Sun, and thus are not given in this diagram.
         The sidebar contains links to each of the major political and military powers of the conflict and a referrence guide based on Doctor Xiang's notes of the ancient, possibly extinct, alien race known as the Prodono.