We shall discuss the creation of personal weapons, armor, power armor, robots (androids), etc., from TAL-A to TAL-T (technical achievement level - see Rule Book Two: Vehicle Construction). The earliest equipment is made of stone and/or wood and is very basic in design. Each of the weapons or equipment in this chapter will be divided into general categories. For example, BLADE for all bladed weapons, BLUNT for all blunt weapons, POLEARM for all polearm type weapons, etc. There are three parts to this chapter: Part A deals with the rules of constructing personal weapons and equipment; Part B deals with the costs of surplus weapons and equipment; and Part C deals with the costs of services for player characters and non-player characters.


         This chapter consists of categories for each major weapon type found in the NEXUS ARCANA© D30 RPG world settings. Each category has a chart used for generating the particular weapon. Follow the instructions given under each category heading to create the weapon’s game stats. Personal weapons which are futuristic versions of archaic weapons, such as beam swords, vibro blades, etc., require a power source. These weapons consume 1 kilowatt of power per pound of weight (or per inch for some weapons) and use fuel cells and/or nuclear batteries (rules for generating these power sources can be found in Rule Book Two: Vehicle Construction) for their power source. You may find a calculator and scratch paper very helpful when designing weapons and equipment.