• The Nexus Gamer

    Nexus Gamer is a user sub-group that has been created for anyone who isn't a VIP member that wishes to be a gamer here on these boards.
    If you're already a VIP you don't need to request to join this class of member.

    However, if you don't meet the VIP critieria, and you wish to start a D30 Nexus Arcana game or join a game, you must ask to be put into the gamer user group by posting in the Request For User Status Change thread.

    This user group is a temporary status that you have until you either gain VIP status (by sucessfully finishing a campaign that allows you to meet the critieria), or get reverted back to being a normal registered user after you've failed to join a gaming group or got kicked out due to an infraction.

    As with the VIP Member, the Gamer member status is done manually by me.

    Contact me if you wish to start a campaign or join a campaign on the Nexus Point board and I'll change your current user status from registered user to Nexus Gamer.

    -Prime Administrator