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Kodai Okuda

Nexus Arcana Basics...

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Imagine if you will a parallel universe, within the multiverse, that is much like our own.

With similar laws of physics, evolution, and cosmological development, but with one significant difference: the presence of trace amounts of raw multiversal energies.
Energies that constitute the DNA of universes.
Raw power that can be used to fold the fabric of space-time, bend the laws of physics, and alter the genetic structure of beings into heretofore unknown evolutionary paths.

Many were the ancient alien civilizations that grew within this environment and harnessed these energies to their own will.
Such was the case with the galactic empires of epochs past such as the Solahdeen. Long was the Solahdeen rise to galactic dominance and the foundation of their Empire, and quickly did it fall into ruin.
The same fate befell their successors, the Varna, and their successors, the Prodono.


What had caused the great galactic powers to rise to the prominence of gods and then fall back into extinction?

Men of Earth had long pondered the question of where their race started and why it had come into being.
From this desire rose great religions, scientific foundations, and as fate would have it, secret societies.
Two of these mysterious organizations became aware of the truth, that extraterrestrial societies had in fact risen to galactic supremacy then collapsed inexplicably.
This pair of hidden groups became hell bent on acquiring the thing they believe holds the key to the answer of why.

The Goddess Device

A fabled intelligent machine capable of foretelling the future and seeing into the past. The discovery of the machine intelligence only spurred the two orders into action to find out where the device was? Who built it? And how they could acquire it?

The Sons of Belial sought to gain the Goddess Device to solidify their control over mankind.
Whereas The Order of the Aleph wish to destroy it in order to keep humanity safe from those who would subjugate them.
For millennia the two powers manipulated and molded civilizations in their struggle to be the first to find the device. Wars raged and nations fell in the pursuit of any way to find the thing. The quest drove the two cabals into the conquest of the inner sphere of the solar system during the mid-twenty first century.
It was this obsession that caused the first human extrasolar mission to Alpha Centauri in 2066 AD where a derelict alien fleet was found orbiting the fourth planet (Alpha Centauri 3). A fleet of ships of considerable size and power left nearly intact. This discovery fueled the fires of greed and ambition within the minds of the political forces that had found it.

Behind a veneer of politics and warfare, the two secret orders once again begin their deadly game of chess. Unbeknownst to either group, a single man has learned the secrets they thought were theirs alone, and now his own mad ambition has caused him to awaken an alien evil that is at the heart of The Stygian Conspiracy

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