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Kodai Okuda

Premium Independent Science Fiction

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The following is a compilation of the best science fiction books offered by Independent publishers and authors. This list is not a "top (insert number here)" type list and is based not only on basic grammatical editing criteria but also story content. It will grow as I read and review new books of the SF genre. New listings will be added to this post as I complete them. Individual reviews for SF books (even those that do not make this list) will be posted in the "Art of Writing" blog category here on this board.
Links will be provided to and/or Smashwords for all titles listed below, and reviews for books will be placed in the "Indie Books" section of the blogs here.
Forum members are encouaged to add their own suggestions on the Premium Independent Science Fiction thread provided the entries are science fiction (not fantasy or horror) and are quality (meaning they must have a minimum of good grammar, spelling, punctuation, and story quality).