• Week update for November 21st 2010

    Rule Book Two: Vehicle Construction Rules and Rule Book Three: Psionics have been completed and are ready for use.

    I'm currently working on D30 Source Book One: The Stygian Conspiracy and should have it up by mid December at the very latest.

    I'll have the character and vehicle record sheets up immediately after I finish Source Book One.
    Once that is complete Game Lords and Players will have everything they need to get started in a campaign.

    I will have the dice roller finished by the end of December (if all goes well with it) so that shouldn't be a problem.

    I changed the widgets in the CMS and eliminated the categories which do not apply to the intent of this site.
    Spammers should be aware that I'm currently using "SpamStop" this is a system which matches your IP to a list of thousands of spam IP addresses and allows me to ban them from the forum based on the list.

    If your IP matches an IP on the list and you've posted a link to a site trying to sell something you're IP will be banned permanently.

    Users who are not spammers must post on the Trouble Tickets thread if their IP gets banned accidentally.

    I'll be tweaking this website more in the next few weeks as I prepare to upgrade it to 4.0.8.
    That's all for now.

    -Prime Administrator