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  1. Groom and Doom: A Greek Love Story by Theresa Braun - Review *****

    Those Damn In-Laws!

    Angela and Stavros are a loving couple engaged to be married in a traditional Greek ceremony that will take place in Crete, the homeland of her fiancé's family. Told from Angela's perspective, it is an account of one woman's journey through her wedding and honeymoon in the shadow of Georgius, Stavros's father, who seems unwilling to accept her into his life. Groom and Doom is an intimate portrait of Angela's hopes and fears in the face of an uncertain future. ...

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  2. The Splintered Circle by Ruby Stone - Review **

    Interesting Mystery Set in Britain and the Channel Islands

    Raif Condor is tasked with finding several mysterious stone fragments for an old man named Max. The fragments are the key to unlock something of great value. Trouble is, even Max doesn't know the location of the final piece, and he desperately wants to resolve some unanswered questions before he dies. Fleur Fern is the employee of a private detective agency, investigating the disappearance of a woman's husband. Her duties ...

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  3. Godmachine by Jack Thompson - Review *****

    Gives New Meaning to the Phrase "Get With the Program"

    Colonel Tom Devers leads a mission to Mars with three other astronauts to acquire an object that appears to be anything but natural. Upon loading the object onto their ship and spending some time figuring out what it is, the four men are witness to the holographic record of an alien civilization. One hundred seventy-five years before the record was made, fifteen billion people died in a global war on the planet Plixon. ...

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  4. Currency by L. Todd Wood - Review *****

    Be Careful Reading This Book, You Might Learn Something

    Currency begins with a fascinating little romp through history on a search for missing pirate treasure then explodes into a thrilling tale of political intrigue and modern warfare. Connor Murray is a normal enough man, a bond trader by profession, when he learns that he is the sole inheritor of a trust connected to Aaron Burr. As he researches the details of the trust, events begin to unfold, setting him on a dangerous path. ...

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  5. Jhararo's All the Galaxy's Warships Vol. 8: Spacecraft Design Concepts (part 5)

    Welcome to the August issue of Jhararo's All the Galaxy's Warships, the digital database dedicated to the study of mechanical devices, weapons, vehicles, and other machines of the known galactic nations.

    This Month's Issue: PART 5 "Cosmo Navy" type spacecraft design concepts of the 1st Interplanetary War era.

    * * *


    The Solar Empire saw its dominance of the Sol star system crumbling under the onslaught of the ...
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