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Thread: Nikki’s Premium Small Press and Self-Published Books List

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    Nikki’s Premium Small Press and Self-Published Books List

    Here is my list of small press and self-published books that I believe are 4- and 5-star quality.

    The Stygian Conspiracy by Kodai Okuda; genre: science fiction
    One of my favorite quotes: “Man is not a creature that should be caged within the confines of a planned society. He is a being that craves adventure and needs struggle and hardship that has genuine reward at its conclusion if he is to lead a fulfilling existence. Only a true capitalist society allows for man to reach his full potential.”

    Hazy Shade of Winter by Jessica Bradshaw; genre: paranormal romance, young adult

    Currency by L. Todd Wood; genre: historical fiction

    Godmachine by Jack Thompson; genre: science fiction

    Groom and Doom: A Greek Love Story by Theresa Braun; genre: women's fiction
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    Save your tears, for the day
    When our pain is far behind
    On your feet, come with me
    We are soldiers stand or die
    Save your fears, take your place
    Save them for the judgement day
    Fast and free, follow me
    Time to make the sacrifice
    We rise or fall

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