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Thread: which console do you have??

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    which console do you have??

    Which console do you use for playing games? and tell me which one is best for gaming then i will use that console...I mostly prefer PC but i think audience opinions are always best..tell me ?????????

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    Um...I have most of them from an old Atari to the PS3 and X360. I don't have a Wii and really don't care to get one. I think most games are on both current consoles (PS3 and XBOX 360), but if you have a favorite game, then make sure the console you buy has that game available. Otherwise, I think the X360 is cheaper than the PS3, but most people tell me they like the graphics of the PS3 better.
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    I have xbox 360.I like the 360 much better...I like the graphics and the sounds of the games here.Its games and controller are much better....Its other features are also very useful..

    Post mini-game links in the mini-game thread.
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    PC: TF2 always have always will, also playing Ultra SF4 and Skullgirls or i will be if i can get a controller3DS: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Smash, still play MK7 occasionallyWii U: havent got yet but hopefully will at christmas, plan to get MK8 and Smash

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