...because here is where wizards and warriors clash.

This forum is intended to bring out the "magic" of the classic Sword-and-Sorcery genre.
Perhaps the most maligned of the three major fiction types, S&S should never get mixed in with Fantasy writing.
Some may ask what the difference is?
The difference is a clear as the blood soaked fields of the Battle of the Pelennor Fields are with Hogwart's School of Magic.
Both stories contain magic in them, but the style and scale of the two stories are entirely different.
Harry Potter belongs in Fantasy (and there's nothing wrong with that) as it is more a children's tale, while Lord of the Rings is clearly an epic with adult themes and realistic S&S situations.

Therefore, discuss away ye lovers of steel and enchantment.
Let us know what lights the inner flames of your arcane side and what books chill your tastes like cold steel in the dead of winter.

-Prime Administrator