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Prime Administrator

Coming out of hibernation.

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Due to a wide range of personal issues with members of the Yesod Publications team, and the loss of one of our members due to illness (Proud Proletarian is gone but not forgotten), the Nexus Arcana website will slowly be rebuilt and refined for the next three novels which Kodai Okuda is currently working on.
Recently it has come to our attention that there has been theft of copyrighted and trademarked material from this website (mostly from the Role Playing Game sections) and so the Nexus Point is now only available to VIP members.
The RPG is still ongoing both on and offline and has helped greatly in the development for the story line and plot of the next six books. Three of which are now going through the painstaking process of editing.
Barring anymore tragedies and mishaps, the second trilogy will be ready sometime this year.

In the meantime, this website will undergo slow, methodical updates and changes as necessary.

--Prime Administrator.
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