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Kodai Okuda

A Larger Universe

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James L. Gillaspy's "A Larger Universe" is an excellent young adult SF adventure novel. I say young adult because the story reminds me of Heinlein's YA books. Only this book succeeds where many others have failed. It follows the adventures of a young boy Tommy who matures in the care of some not so normal foster parents after he is kidnapped. I won't spoil any more of the story than that because half the fun is reading how Tommy's character becomes a young man and blossoms into far more than even he imagined. Mr. Gillaspy's knowledge of computer science is considerable and it comes through in his writing, which for a computer enthusiast such as myself is a bonus (thus the 5 stars).

I highly recommend this work to anyone interested in just sitting back and enjoying a good old fashioned SF novel that is a joy to read

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