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  1. Sorry for the very late reply Rai.

    I haven't been over to TV Tropes in quite awhile.
    Last time I was there I checked out Rai's profile and there wasn't really much about him or Lost Colors.

    Anyhoo, hope life is treating you well.
    I don't see you much around the interwebs these days. :(
  2. I see, and I already looked. He has a few tropes but the other character page is largely dominated by Mao. I'll need to edit it sometime and add some of Rai's tropes. Thank you, Kodai-sama.
  3. Ahhh, by the way Kodai. Since you seem to visit TvTropes more then me, could you give me the link to Rai's? (Well if he has any that is.)
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