• New Ranks

    I have changed the ranking system to match a more Kabbalistic feel rather than the old Roman military rank system.

    The new ranks are as follows:
    1) Malchut (Initiate of the Kingdom)
    2) Yesod (Foundational Acolyte)
    3) Hod (acknowledged Novice)
    4) Netzach (Victorious Apprentice)
    5) Tiferet (Beautiful Disciple)
    6) Gevurah (Mighty Zealot)
    7) Chesed (Loving Adherent)
    8) Da'at (Knowledgeable Observer)
    9) Binah (Understanding Docent)
    10) Chockmah (Wise Master)
    11) Keter (Crown Journeyman)
    12) Kabbalist
    13) Order of the Aleph

    -Prime Administrator