• It's been forever since I've done an update.

    It's now January 2012, and we're still here.
    The behind the scenes work around here has been going on for nearly a full year.
    The compedium, role playing game, and forum have been undergoing continuous upgrade over that period of time.
    I hope to have the new CSS for the Compendium completed by March or April.
    The Mecha Manual will also be done around that time.
    Afterwards, I'll be starting the complete redo fo Kodai's Role Playing Game system.
    He, Proud Proletarian, and I have been working on streamlining the game, and making it simpler and smoother to play.

    Speaking of the RPG.
    The first adventure is now over, Kodai has informed me that the recruiting thread will be reopened for anybody who wants to play.

    The current list of players are:

    Proud Proletarian

    There are slots for two more players if any Nexus VIP members are interested in playing.
    Just PM me or Kodai if you are interested in making a character and joining in the fun.

    -Prime Administrator