• Nexus Arcana The Stygian Conspiracy

    Finally getting to this subject.

    Kodai Okuda's novel, Nexus Arcana: The Stygian Conspiracy, is on sale now.

    This book is the first book in the first trilogy of the Nexus Arcana saga and is a large tome.
    It is about 730 pages in length in Times New Roman 10 point (equivalent to a 913 page book in 12 point which is the most common font size for novels).
    This book was professionally edited and is available in two forms.

    A limited edition, signed by Kodai Okuda (optional), is available for $29.95.
    The book was professionally bound by Book Printing Revolution and is a hardback.


    Members who prefer an ebook version can acquire one for $7.77 dollars US at Amazon.com.


    The hardcover and kindle versions can be purchased through our website here:


    The sale of these books help keep this website online.
    Purchases will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    Prime Administrator.