• Nexus VIP Members

    Due to the insane volume of spamming on the Nexus Point forum area of the board I have created a new user group that has higher privleges than the normal registered user.

    This new user group is the Nexus VIP Member.
    This group is able to post anywhere on this board at their leisure without need of moderation.
    Of course to become a VIP member you have to have no infractions for four months, be a member for at least four months, and have a post count of at least 20 posts or more.

    The VIP Membership is NOT automatic.
    I have to give it to you manuallly.
    In other words it's given by invitation only.
    Thus it is something that is special on this forum.

    This user group will have future privleges added (like blogging), as I get this forum's set up finalized.

    As a side note, I've color coded the user names so that members know who's who here.

    Administrators are Purple.
    Super Moderators and Moderators are Green.
    Nexus VIP Members are Blue.
    Regular Members are Red.
    Nexus Gamers are Orange.

    -Prime Administrator