• Weekly update (November 8th 2010)

    I'm up to my eyeballs in work right now.

    I'm diligently working on the D30 RPG and should have the 8th and final Chapter of the Vehicle Construction Rules up sometime this week.

    The Psionics supplement will follow afterwards and shouldn't be too hard to finish as there are only a few tables to code into HTML (10 total).

    After that I'll skip the Multiverse book (save it for last) and start on the Stygian Conspiracy Supplement to get the Character Templates up.
    That will allow people here to generate characters and start a campaign if anyone is interested.

    If you need help understanding the D30 rules don't hesitate to ask questions in the Nexus Arcana RPG General Discussion Thread.

    As for the die roller.
    I'm still working on it and it will take longer than I would like.
    The two experimental die rollers I've already coded do not work to my satisfaction so I'm giving it another try.
    You all will have to be patient with the die-roll generator until I can get it to stop messing up the tabs, and other buttons of the vBulletin software.

    There's also a great deal of things I need to do backstage both here and on the main website.
    The spammers here aren't helping any which is why I'm now permanently banning anyone who posts Porn, or spams this site on the boards.
    I'm more forgiving with the user signatures, but not if they contain porn or products for sale that are questionable.
    If your sig was deleted by me, then that means the link you had in it was not suitable for this site.
    Do Not put the link back in your sig or you'll be given an infraction.
    Mass spamming of this site will also get you a permanent ban, so don't do it.

    -Prime Administrator