• Weekly update (September 12th 2010)

    I am currently working on the Weapon & Equipment Construction Rules for the D30 system.
    Chapter 1 is 20 pages long so it's taking me some time as each page has a table that must be transcribed from Pagemaker into HTML code.
    I expect that it will take the better part of the week to complete Chapter one.
    Chapter two and three will not take quite as long and should be up in a few weeks.

    Once that's done I'll start on the Vehicle Construction Rules for the D30 system.
    Once those are done I will be able to post the first adventure on the online D30 gaming board.

    I plan on running a once-a-week play-by-post for up to 20 players (1 full mecha platoon).

    I won't give out the details until the game system is ready for play.

    Please be patient as this is currently a one man operation and I have to work full time during the week.

    Thank you for your understanding in advance.

    -Prime Administrator