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  1. Jhararo's All the Galaxy's Warships Volume 2: 1st Interplanetary War SCV concepts

    Welcome to the February issue of Jhararo's All the Galaxy's Warships, the digital database dedicated to the study of mechanical devices, weapons, vehicles, and other machines of the known galactic nations.

    This Month's Issue: SPACECRAFT CARRIER VESSEL design concepts of the 1st Interplanetary War era.

    * * *

    The United Nations Space Corps/Solar Empire concepts

    The first spacecraft carrier design built by men of Earth was the STC-52/68 Shuttle-Transport/Space ...
  2. A Larger Universe

    James L. Gillaspy's "A Larger Universe" is an excellent young adult SF adventure novel. I say young adult because the story reminds me of Heinlein's YA books. Only this book succeeds where many others have failed. It follows the adventures of a young boy Tommy who matures in the care of some not so normal foster parents after he is kidnapped. I won't spoil any more of the story than that because half the fun is reading how Tommy's character becomes a young man and blossoms into far more ...

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    The Art of Writing
  3. Premium Independent Science Fiction

    The following is a compilation of the best science fiction books offered by Independent publishers and authors. This list is not a "top (insert number here)" type list and is based not only on basic grammatical editing criteria but also story content. It will grow as I read and review new books of the SF genre. New listings will be added to this post as I complete them. Individual reviews for SF books (even those that do not make this list) will be posted in the ...
  4. Railguns, Coilguns, and Gauss Weaponry


    Within the world of Nexus Arcana there are numerous types of armaments. Among these are a family of electromagnetic mass drivers collectively called Gauss Weapons.

    Gauss weapons, named after Carl Friederich Gauss, generally came in two types during late 20th and early 21st Centuries. Coilguns, and railguns were the two different approaches to the electromagnetically propelled projectile concepts. This pair of mass driver techniques were rather straightforward ...

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    Nexus Arcana Side Stories
  5. Nexus Arcana Basics...

    Imagine if you will a parallel universe, within the multiverse, that is much like our own.

    With similar laws of physics, evolution, and cosmological development, but with one significant difference: the presence of trace amounts of raw multiversal energies.
    Energies that constitute the DNA of universes.
    Raw power that can be used to fold the fabric ...
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