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Kodai Okuda

  1. Jhararo's All the Galaxy's Warships Vol. 5: Spacecraft Design Concepts (part 2)

    Welcome to the May issue of Jhararo's All the Galaxy's Warships, the digital database dedicated to the study of mechanical devices, weapons, vehicles, and other machines of the known galactic nations.

    This Month's Issue: PART 2 Earth Federal Republic (EFR) spacecraft design concepts of the 1st Interplanetary War era.

    * * *


    The spacecraft of the Earth Federal Republic were initially designed in 2063 and were in prototype ...
  2. History of the mid 21st Century (Nexus Arcana Multiverse)

    General History prior to 2048 AD

    Economic and political instabilities that had begun in the late 20th Century were carried over into the early 21st. Food and energy shortages caused a vast divide between the wealthy few and the destitute masses all over the earth. This disparity in the standard of living for the average human caused the proletariat and remnant bourgeoisie to revolt against the aristocratic international corporate-banking class and their armies. This rebellion flared ...