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Prime Administrator
01-21-2011, 04:42 PM
There seems to be some confusion with new users (especially non-English speaking ones) about the nature of signatures on this forum.

Let me explain this very simply.
I do allow links to other websites in user signatures provided they do not go to other websites that:

Are clearly nothing more than a sales website for products (Spam)
Contain multiple links to different websites that offer products for sale.
Contain pornography of anykind
Are solicitations for sex or prostitution
Contain links to websites selling any kind of prescription drugs or illicit drugs
Contain links to abortion services
Contain links to actual gambling websites
Contain links to websites offering payday loans or other money lending
Contain links to websites offering real estate loans or services
Contain links to websites to other forums that are unrelated to literature, movies, music, role playing, science, science fiction, horror, the occult, fantasy, sword and sorcery, or other material useful for creative writing.
This website is here for the enjoyment of people interested in creative writing, and other leisure time interests related to literature and art.

It IS NOT here to spam for products or services.
Anyone who abuses the privilege of having a sig will first have their Signature removed by me, and/or they will be banned (if the links in the sig are to websites that are completely unacceptable).

-Prime Administrator

Any questions about signatures should be posted here in this thread.

Prime Administrator
03-18-2011, 05:01 AM
This post is an update to the rules on signatures.
There have been far too many links to websites selling illegal products like non-prescription Cialis, Tramadol, viagra, and others.
There have also been a flood of links to websites that solicit prostitution and "sex-dating" services.
I cannot allow this anymore which is why I have created the VIP and Gamer user classes for this forum.

Please READ the articles on the VIP and Gamer user types.

VIP type:


Gamer type:


I am sorry to everybody that follows the rules here, but I have to stop the damn spammers that keep linking to illicit and illegal material.