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Prime Administrator
08-31-2010, 06:17 AM
Here's a game that everybody can enjoy.
Well, so long as you speak Japanese, and own a NTSC-J compatable Playstation 2 system (or have a boot disc) that is.
If you've seen the anime, than you'll really love this game.

Currently out of print, but not to hard to find, Lost Colors is still available for purchase (http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-r-49-en-70-2izi.html)at a somewhat reasonable price (considering its out of print).

I'll let the Code Geass experts discuss the inner workings of the game while I try to figure out why the damn BB code for the spoiler tag isn't working here on the boards. :(

08-31-2010, 09:02 PM
Actually Prime Administrator, it should be stated Code Geass: Lost Colors is on both Playstation Portable and Playstation 2. Through certain methods you can also run the Playstation 2 version on a computer.

It's quite an intriguing and heartwarming spinoff of the first season.

Ahh, yes. You can find the translation project for it right... around... Here (http://code-geass-lost-colors-translation.yolasite.com/) I do believe. The translation site facilitates a scene directory, the translation for Knightmare battles, Route Ending scenes, the current route the head Translator is on, Screenshots, Translation of configuration and introduction as well as a personal touch on the head translator.

I'll simply explain the gameplay. I hope it comes helpful for those thinking of purchasing it.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - Lost Colors is a Playstation 2 and Playstation Portable visual novel. Whereas the player takes an amnesiac and watch things unfold. Just like every other visual novel, it has more then one route. Through choices different routes will transpire.

The routes are followed, however I would like to note you only are able to play Geass route on the first playthrough, after finishing Geass route you unlock the other three routes: Kuro no Kishidan/The Black Knights, Britannian Military, and Ashford route.

To touch on each route at a time, I'll have to first explain certain routes (and other certain circumstances) have sub-routes. An explanation is the default route for Britannian Military is the Special Dispatch - however after finishing it once, you unlock the Royal Guard sub-route. After finishing Royal Guard you unlock the Pure Blood route.

However, Kuro no Kishidan has no sub-routes besides the Playstation Portable exclusive Japanese Liberation Front route.

While Ashford has only one sub-route, it is more of an event rather then an entirely new route. Unfortunately, and much to my disdain, Geass route has no Geass Directorate sub route. An extra sub-route dubbed 'Blue Moon' is accessible if you have the Playstation 2 of Lost Colors.

So with that, Geass route has no sub routes, Kuro no Kishidan has only one dependent on exclusive, Britannia Military has three, and Ashford has one accessible to both platform and handheld, while the Blue Moon is exclusive to Playstation 2, much like the JLF route for Kuro no Kishidan on Playstation Portable.

So with that, the game is immense. Each route or sub-route has their own possible endings. I'll list the possible endings you can get.

Geass route - Nunnally ending, C.C. ending, Lelouch ending.
Kuro no Kishidan - Karen ending, Zero/Lelouch ending.
(Exclusive) Japanese Liberation front - Karen ending, Nagisa ending.

Britannian Military/Special Dispatch - Lloyd ending, Suzaku ending.
Britannian Military/Royal Guard - Nonette ending, Euphemia ending.
Britannian Military/Pure Blood - Jeremiah ending, Villeta ending.

Ashford Academy - Milly ending, Suzaku & Lelouch ending, Nunnally ending, Shirley ending, Nina ending, Rivalz ending.
(Exclusive) Blue Moon - Milly ending, Suzaku ending, Lelouch ending, Nunnally ending, Shirley ending, Nina ending, Rivalz ending, Karen ending, Harem ending(?).

I'd hate to cut this sort but that is it for now.

Prime Administrator
09-01-2010, 12:48 AM
I stand corrected. :)

The ladies and gents over at animesuki have done a fine job of translating Lost Colors and as you put it, it is very handy to have.

My thanks to them for all their effort.


You can save Euphemia's life in this game, thus altering the events of the anime series. Which to me is well worth the game's price tag. ;)

Prime Administrator
09-11-2010, 05:39 AM
Here's the opening animation for Lost Colors.