View Full Version : Spamming in the Lounge

Prime Administrator
10-17-2010, 05:32 PM
The Lounge IS THE GENERAL DISCUSSION BOARD for this entire forum.
You may talk about religion, politics, food, alcohol, relationships, cars, or any other general topic here.

You may NOT USE this board as a place for FREE ADVERTISING.
If you wish to advertise on this site you have to PAY FOR IT!

Therefore, contact me, Prime Administrator, and we'll discuss the fees for advertising here.


Any posts on this board which are clearly for no other purpose than spamming and have links to paysites (websites that offer products, services, or gambling for sale) will be deleted.

Linking to other sites to help users find a product that is being discussed in an actual discussion (like linking to Amazon.com or Ebay.com to help another user purchase a book) is perfectly fine.

-Prime Administrator