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Note:This is a part-time short fanfic.I shall not type so much,just a little in my free time.


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First Chapter:As the world ends, a new one befalls.

The realms are all connected.Created by god, the thirty-eight worlds are all existant.They are the same;Yet diffferent; All things shall be destroyed and re-created.

Ashford Acadamy,2012....Two years after the re-taking of Japan...
Kallen:Summer break ended already....my last year here,huh...
As she walked up to the acadamy,nearby televisions flared news about Nunnally and Zero.Once she was considerably close, she could hear the bell ring.Ding-dong-deng-dong....
Kallen: Ahhh!IM LATE!
She sprinted off to school as she heard the loud bell ring.She just barely got into the classroom as she saw her new class. Rivals was in the room next door, and Rolo was in her class,Nina is working directly for Professor Loyd.
Rolo:Kallen!you're late!
Teacher:I shall not permitt to this behavior young lady.it is the first day of school!
Kallen:Hi Rolo! uh....sorry!!
teacher:Now,we have transfer students this year!twenty in total.We have two in our class,so behave yourselves!
Yes.there was massive amounts of transfers across japan this year,all from different countries.Ashford was one of the schools where they came...
Teacher:This is Raika Tatsumori, and hes Cloud Ketsamari.
Raika looked bright,pretty tall,energetic and always smiling,with dark red hair and a clean face.Cloud,for some reason, looked like Leolouch,just with red hair and more athletically built.
Teacher:Now sit down,open your books to page 9....
One hour later...
Kallen meets up with Rivals and Nina...
Kallen:Hey,watya doing?
Nina:Two new Japanese in my class...'shudders'
Rivals:You'll get used to it,dont worry!
Kallen:I got two new kids as well.
With perfect timing,Cloud and Raika walked into the hall.
End.](I know,short,pathetic,but i mentioned that its free-time and as a hobby)

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Chapter Two:Meetings

The birtannian students hid as the two walked into the room.
Raika:-You're telling me that they took over the Twelfth???
Cloud:Yeah.The situation is getting serious....i never expected it to be like this....
Raika:dammit...Why are we wasting time here??
Cloud:We dont have a choice...if #21 is attacked,the situation will become serious.We must ly low for some time.
Raika cursed as they walked past the hallway.
Kallen:What the...?
Nina:Dont look at m-
Kallen ran off, 'stalking' the two teens.
Nina: Oh come on..
Rivals:Kallen! where are you-
*ding dong deng dong*
A ton of people rushed out,passing and leaving the school,making Rivals lose Cloud,Raika,and Kallen.
Rivals:Aww man!!
Kallen kept on following them until they reached a run-down shack,a small house with a...garage?
Cloud:Password:Twelve Stars.
The garage door opened,revealing a giant elevator.The two walked into the elevator,and Kallen hid before one of the crates and Knightmare mechanism units.
Kallen:Knightmare Gear?Could it be...Britannian Rebels?!?!
Kallen sneaked along behind them while they were engaged in a conversation,took out her purse with the knife in it and advanced at Cloud.
As she approached,Cloud noticed and sent a kick at her.Kallen caught the kick in her left hand,then put the knife right next to Cloud's neck.However,Cloud also took out a pistol and put it at her head at the same time.
Bubububum!!!The end.

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Chapter Three:The Truth, or Is it?
Raika:Shes the spy we got intel on?Damn!
Raika pulls out his weapon, a large magnum.At this range,either of them shooting would garantee a kill on Kallen,while her knife could only injure them.
She kicked the gun out of Raika's hand,then locked her left arm with Cloud's right so he couldn't shoot.She was about to stab Raika until a 'Ding' sounded-they arrived at the underground base.The base had weird-looking weapons on all walls and there was two dozen extremely advanced-looking Knightmares.Along with this,various people were running about, and a few stopped to welcome them.
???:You're back!I got a new model for you to te-What the?
He grabbed a strange-looking gun from a nearby wall and shot it to Kallen's stomach.

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Chapter Four:Secret Weapon,OPERATION EXCALIBUR

???:She still alive?
???:Dunno...It was a stun bullet...
???:Meh,this is a pain...
As the the girl's eyes slowly open,she sees two people staring at her.She instinctivly tried to slap them but failed in a result since her hands were tied.
Kallen:What the?
As she remembered what was going on,and the sharp pain in her gut,she was about to let otu a torrent of questions until a loud bell rang
*Intruders!Four Kalzan-Class Support Ships,Two Hunter-Class Scout Dreadnaughts and One Zaliant-Class Support ship!
Raika:What?Now?Dammit,they just had to choose the worst timing..Prep my MS!
Cloud:No,you wont do much good against so many hostiles.Besides,good news.Its finished.
Cloud:yeah.This secret base served its purpose.Lets get ready.
Both of them look at her and say:Later.Not enough time.
As they ran back into the deck,she was carried away into a different room.
Cloud:Time for Operation Excalibur.All systems to full.Turn of life support and activate Xanus Boosters.Switch underground base and prepare to deploy!
Outside,the garage opened and produced a airport-like line,however this had large scaling boosters and support cars running around.There was one red-black ship about as big as a 120-story building there,and all the support lines snapped and the ship took off.
The enemy Kalzan-class support ships sent out large masses of MS's and engaged the ship as the other ships sent supporting fire at the ship.The ship shaked,making Raika fall of balence.
Operator:Eighty percent of energy resonencers filled sir!
Cloud:Thats enough.Detach all support units and prepare for battle!
Cloud:Enemy numbers?
Crewman:Eighty 16th-generaton Lakshidens and twenty 4th-generation Xanxuses.
Cloud:Scramble all MS's,turn on the Acron and Xen type energy cannons.Load all slots with anti-ship and anti-mobile suit missiles,prepare the main cannon.Turn on all interception cannons and ignore the missiles.Activate the Kel-type energy shield.
Raika:Well,im goin.Seeya,hope we can survive this.
Cloud:Same to you.
Raika's machine was colored white-and-red,and had a Guren-like right hand,however it didnt have silver claws and instead of silver claws it had a lance-like arm,but with a null tip where the Fukushado is supposed to be.it's left hand also had a duel-blade with swords on both side,both blades large and gleaming with energy.On the wrist part,it had a small laser cannon and it's wings where loaded with deadly homing missiles.It had daggers on both legs and a sword on the left hip,also with a side cannon on the stomach part.

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Chapter Five:A Turn in the Tides
He yelled as he fired a laser volley into a Lakshiden,destroying it's chest armor,then thrusting the the blade and the pushing it into a Xanxus behind him,deactivating it's shield and allowing him to activate his Lance,creating a sharp point of pure energy and thrusting it at the Xanxus.The Xanxus blocked with the shield,but the lance peirced it and did minor damage to it's chest armor. Their forces were losing,even with superior skills it was eighty to thirty,and with more backup coming.
Raika yelled over the radio:Cloud,we can't take this!theres too many of them,and the Kalzan and Zaliant-classes keep on spewing out more and more MS's! Even if we win,our energy fillers won't last!
Cloud:I know.All mobile suits,return to the ship.
Cloud:Just do it!
Raika muttered to himself,then ordered the forces to retreat.
Cloud:Re-equip all Mobile Suits with underwater ballistas and rocket launchers.
Crewman:But sir-
Cloud:Do it.Prepare the main cannon, aim at the cloud above us.
The main cannon was a large heat blaster,a giant laser gun used for destroying ship's shields or causing heavy damage to them.
Crewman:Main cannon prepared sir.
The cannon blast destroyed the cloud,evaorating it and highly raising the water vapor in the area,weakening effect of lasers and wing units as most hostile Mobile Suits fell down to the ground,and same going with the ships.
Cloud:Also activate underwater boosters,disable the water vapor around!Shields to half power,engines on full!
As the ship slowly moved across the sky and out of the vapor-zone,the hostile support ships crashed into the ground and Scout-classes were forced to land.

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Cloud:I say we pump her full of serum till she talks.
Raika:Can you be ANY more inconsiderate?
Cloud:I have a job to do and so do you,fool.
Raika:Sheesh...Hmm,shes awake.
Kallen:What's going on here??
Cloud:I think i should ask that, considering youre the one tied up.
Raika:What is the empire planning next?
Cloud:Serum time-
Raika:No.Let's just wait for Angelina,her geass should spill her out.
Kallen:Geass?DAMM WHO ARE YOU-
Cloud:I'm taking a visit to the Memory Tower.Seeya.

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Chapter 6:The Memory Tower

Cloud headed to the small island where the door to the world of C was.He entered, acessing the thought elevator,or the Memory Tower.However, half a dozen people suddenly sorrouned him...
Cloud:Wasting so many men on a simple Dimesnionary Outlaw...
???:We know you are not ordinary.Prepare to die.
The men drew large machine-guns and opened fire on Cloud.However, he wasnt there-He was in mid-air, with two pistols he started gunning them down, but only to see them come back up,barly wounded.
???:Your weapons have no effect on us!
They said as they shot another volley of machinegun bursts.
Cloud:That depends.
His eyes glew, and something came-Geass?No....it was powers stolen from other worlds...the Sharingan(Naruto)The bullets seemingly slowed down, and he dodged them with ease. His eyes found their weaknesses and gunned them with perfect accuracy-He was invincible.

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Meanwhile,back at the ship...
Raika:Enemies!What group are they from?
Crewman:Its a Black Knights member sir!
*a transmission beeps in,inturrupting the short conversation*
???:Give up.We know you are holding Captain Kallen Kurosaki.(I might said that naem wrong-long time since watched CG)
Raika:Damm,they're here for the spy.LAUNCH ALL MOBILE SUIT SQUADRUNS!1-5,Arm up for anti-ship and anti-MS combat!Activate Xen cannons and Arcon intercepters!
Load all missile anti-ship and anti-MS missiles.Prepare the main cannon!
He cursed as the men struggled to catch up and do his commands.Scanner check!Reference with current military tech.I want full data!
Crewman:Eight Avalon-class Dreadnaughts, four Laniant-class Cruisers, and one Tsurugi-class Flagship!
Crewman:Our units are suprior, but we are badly outnumbered!
Raika cursed once again as the mobile suits engaged. It was a fight of four hundred Knightmares against a mere thirty MS's.
Raika:Prep the Shadowslayer.I'm moving out!
Crewman:What about commands,sir?
Raika:I'll issue them in the MS! Load it with anti-MS weaponary,not the usual.
He went into his mobile suit, instead of a double-heavy blade his left arm armed with a large laser cannon.
Raika: Tatsumori Raika, Shadowslayer, Heading out!(Japanese, last name first)
The Shadowslayer met a force of twenty interception units, faced with a hail of missiles.It's boosters flew across the sky, spinning through the missiles then gunning them down with the laser cannon before they could tunr around. He was then surrounded by four 10th-generation units and slashed at from various sides by swords, but used his speed to fly up then activate his right lance, cutting through two MS's while he fired a laser beam from his cannon, scattering the two dozen kngihtmares coming from his west side and in unison stabbing another with his lance, as the laser beam caught half a dozen Knightmares in its deadly laser.
Raika:Curses...At this rate, we'll run out of energy before we get shot down!
Crewman:Sir, enemy's main cannon identified as Hadron Cannon charging sir. All ships are doing it and aiming it at our ships! And,more Knightmares are being deployed from the Avalon-class Dreadnaughts!
Raika:Dammit! Whats the humidity?
Crewman:Barely any, sir!
Raika:Charge the main cannon!
Crewman:Sir!10%...30%....50%....60%....80%....100% ...
Raika:Dont stop, continue!
Crewman:140% Any more and the ship will fall apart sir!
The two beams of Cloud's ship clashed the thirteen hadron beams, causing major casualties to both sides.However, the hadron cannons won and peirced the ship's shields, causing major frontal damage. the Mobile Suits and Knightmares fell into the water. Midist of all this, Raika was nowhere to be found...

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meanwhile, at the ship:
Crewman:They are Black Knights sir. eight Avalon-class dreadnaughts, four Crusader-class Cruisers, and one unison cannon beam unit.
Raika:Met with our tech, the results?
Crewman:they have eighty percent chancce of victory sir.
Raika:dammit...MS numbers?
Crewman:Four hundred, and its onlly half their force!
Raika:Godammit...Prep the Shadowslayer. Also,Scramble all MS's,turn on the Acron and Xen type energy cannons.Load all slots with anti-ship and anti-mobile suit missiles,prepare the main cannon.Activate the Kel-type energy shield.
He boarded his MS, and instead of the usual heavy double-blade he used a energy cannon.
Raika:Tatsumori Raika, Shadowslayer, Launching!(japanese:u use last naem first)
The MS glided across the sky as twenty Knightmares intercepted it. They fired a large volley of rockets which Raika manuvered and spun through, then fired his laser cannon into the large crowd of homing missiles, taking them out before they can turn around. However, four Knightmares surrounded and slashed at him, however he flew into the air and activated his right Lance, peircing two of them and severly damaging another.In unison, two dozen Knightmares that advanced from the western side was shot by his heavy laser cannon, scattering them and managing to take out half a dozen Knightmares in the deadly beam, while attacking the Knightmares trying to surround him.
Crewwoman:More Knightmares deploying sir!They are sending in their reserve troops. Also, all ships are deploying Hadron Cannons and aiming at the ship!
Raika:Damm!I want information. What are humidity levels?
Crewman:Extremely low, sir.
Raika:Very well.Charge our main cannon and turn of side and back shields.All shield power to front. Turn of Xen Cannons-40% energy output to main cannon.
After another thirty minutes, all cannons weree charged.
Raika:Main cannon?
Crewman:One Hundred forty percent charged sir. Any more and the ship will fall apart!
Raika:Very well.FIRE!
In unison, the enemy's hadron cannons fired to counter the beam, and in hurry their own knightmares were caught in the blast, causing severe casualties.
The thirteen Hadron Cannon beams blasted into the main cannon's blast as they buckled in severe damage. The main cannon of their ship won, however, crushing through the Avalon-class dreadnaughts and Crusader-class cruisers,forcing them to retreat.However, the explosion caused Shadowslayer to be missing...
(Accidental-Top chapter is real one)

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Chapter 7-Cloud

Having rid of all the guards, he walked into the tall elevator.
Cloud:Nostalgic...its been quite a long time...
He entered the hall, fulll of unspeakbale worlds...
Cloud:I suppose a vacation wont hurt...
He removed his face.LITTERALLY. Under the mask, there was a different face- A face with sharp features, in some ways handsome, in some ways demonic. Muscular, white hair, he litterally peeled off his entire body to reveal a new one.
Cloud:That feels good... long time since i actually freed myself...
He walked into a world-A world where there was a filthy river, a broken ruined sign saying:River Styx- Do not swim,bathe, drink in any such case.
Inside, he met a woman-a woman as random as randomness can offer. With a full-plate, she answered:Prepare to die, Cloud Ketsamari.

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More people stepped behind him, and they were ready with guns primed. "Damm you!" One of them said. "Theres no use damming him. Dimensional outlaws are getting stronger, and we cant let em go." Another answered the angry man. Cloud was tired from his recent fight-But still, he pulled on. His red hair seemed like a blaze as he swooped down, putting his pistols to two mens' faces and pulling the trigger. Eight of them circled him and opened fire, but he leaped into the air, fired a volley of bullets, not hitting but forcing them to avert their eyes, but the woman yelled to hold their ground. Slowly, Cloud made his way back to the dimesnsional gate, but he was pursued by the women who swung her large blade. Cloud ducked and clearly dodged it-No, he got cut on his shoulder. But how? He leapt back, fired a volley which were useless against the women's armor, then ran into the elevator while putting his mask back on. There, he blockaded the door and rammed himself to keep it closed.

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Chapter Eight:The return of the Demon Emperor

He ran away, back into the world of Geass. However, the woman had followed him. Red signils of geass shone in her eyes, and the nearest men who recently died from the fight stood back up, revived. "Come on! Seriously?" Cloud complained. The woman replied, "Take this!" and the men opened fire. Cloud leapt into the air, starting gunning them down only to see he had ran out of ammunition after shooting two of them to death. He was hit once in the left shoulder and staggered back; then he stumbled over a dead body and fell on a coffin-like position. The woman aimed her blade and thrust it into his heart; only to see it dodged by a few inches. Cloud grabbed the sword, ignoring the pain in his hands as they met the sharp blade.She opened her geass and it flared on the body Cloud recently tripped on; he stood up, with his gun primed, until the coffin opened...

Note: YESH! FINALLYZ! i think you can guess what happens next.

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A man in Britannian furneral clothes stepped out, facing the rather akward situation. The woman recoiled but recovered and lashed her sword at the man after she drew it from Cloud's hands. "No survivors to tell the tale," She thrust the blade into the man's heart but was stopped by muttering words. "I, Leolouch Vi Britannia, command you!" The woman flatered for a moment, but ignored it and her blade thrust until it was shot away by the man that just revived's gun which he took and killed him with. He aimed the sword at her and opened fire.