View Full Version : If you wanna know where firefly came from...

Prime Administrator
09-15-2010, 07:25 AM
...then you have to watch a really ambitious attempt at TV Science Fiction by the British back in the 1970s called Blake 7.

What's special about Blake 7 is certainly not its horrible special effects, or really cheesy wardrobe.

No, it's the stories in Blake 7 that make the show memorable.
Like Space 1999, or Star Trek the original series, this show was one that challenged the viewer to use his/her imagination along with what they were watching.
The show begs the viewer to dismiss the less than special effects, terrible sets, props, and ray guns, and really pay attention to the storyline.

For all its many faults, Blake 7 is a Sci-Fi TV classic that every Sci-Fi fan should try to stomach watching at least once. :)

Here is the official fan website of Blake 7. (http://www.blakes7-guide.com/)